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At Maritime Pacific, the emphasis is on using the highest quality ingredients and equipment to brew truly handcrafted beers. Our recipes take the traditional beer "styles" and enhance them to produce unique beers for the Northwest. In addition to Maritime Pacific's fleet of popular year-round favorites, we brew specialty beers for each of the changing seasons. This variety provides the beer enthusiast with an ever-changing choice of beverages to delight the eye, please the palate, and refresh the beer-drinking soul.

The Maritime Pacific "signature" is largely derived from the use of malted wheat in all the recipes. The wheat adds complexity, body, and a dry, nut-like quality to the traditional combination of yeast, malted barley, hops, and water. 

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All of Maritime Pacific's brews are well balanced and flavorful, designed to be enjoyed by themselves or as accompaniment to your favorite foods. We at Maritime Pacific invite you to give our products a try, and we welcome your opinions. Help us to enhance the tradition of beer-making excellence in the great Pacific Northwest.

If you have any questions or wish to contact us you can e-mail us direct CHEERS!!

Maritime Pacific Kegs-to-Go Information

We have two sizes of kegs available: the 15.5-gallon full-size keg and the 7.75-gallon "pony" keg. We accept cash, local checks, and Visa or MasterCard, with beer payment and equipment deposit treated as two separate transactions (i.e., bring two checks if paying with checks only). Kegs may be ordered by phoning the brewery at (206) 782-6181