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Curbside Pick-Up

For Beer and Food Orders To-Go

from 4-7pm Fridays

12noon-7pm Saurday & Sunday

For those of you who would rather not come into our rstaurant to order or pick-up food and beer because of COVID-19.  The Jolly Roger Taproom is now offering curbside pick-up.

Simply call 206-782-7735 direct to our Taprrom

  1. Tell the server you wish to place an order for Curbside Pick-up
  2. Give your Name and Telephone Number
  3. Place your food and beer order to go
  4. Pay with your Credit Card over the phone
  5. Server will then tell you when your order will be ready for pick up
  6. Once you arrive at the Taproom follow the Orange Cones into the Parking Lot and STOP at the Pick-up Sign
  7. Once at the sign call 206-782-7735, give your name and the server will tell tou if your order is ready
  8. Your Order will then be delivered to you in your car with a copy of the reciept for you to sign

REMEMBER: The person picking up any beer must be 21 years or older and have ID.