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Beer Selections

Our taps are constantly rotating with 13-15 types on tap at all times. Below is a list of the most common varieties:

 Beer Name Beer Type Alcohol Content Grains Hops Bitterness Units
Old Seattle Lager American Lager 5% Pale, Pilsner Cascade 19
Imperial IPA Impeial I.P.A. 7.5% Pale, Crystal, Wheat Cascade, US Golding, Summit 60
Islander Pale  Dry Hopped Pale Ale 6.5% Pale, Crystal, Munich, Carastan Cascade, US Golding, Magnum, Summit 32
Portage Bay Pilsner German Pilsner 5.5% Pale, Pilsner, Munich Czech Saaz 18
Nightwatch Dark Ale American Dark Ale  5.5% Pale, Wheat, Chocolate, Crystal, Munich US Golding, Vanguard 19
Flagship Red Red Alt Ale  5.5% Pale, Crystal, Wheat, Carastan, Munich Perle, Vanguard, Hersbrucker, Czech Saaz 28
Jolly Roger Christmas Ale English Strong Ale 9.5% Pale, Crystal, Carastan, Wheat, Munich Chinook, Cascade, Amarillo 42
Clipper Golden Wheat American Hefeweizen 5.5% Pale, Wheat, Munich Perle, Mt. Rainier, Vanguard 16
Hop Surge ** Triple I.P.A. 11% Pale, Carastan, Munich, Crystal Cascade, Summit, Amarillo 104
Session Ale ** Session I.P.A. 3.5% Pale, Carastan, Munich, Crystal Cascade, Summit, Amarillo 107
Navigator ** Dunkel Weizenbock 7% Pale, Wheat, Crystal, Chocolate, Carastan Chinook, Vanguard, Cascade 20
Salmon Bay Bitter ** E.S.B. 6% Pale, Crystal, Wheat, Brown, Marris Otter, Munich Northdown, Progress, US Golding, Challenger 31
Bosun’s Black ** Porter  5.5% Pale, Crystal, Chocolate, Wheat, Black Fuggles, US Goldings 23
Windjammer ** Dunkelweiss  6% Pale, Wheat, Carastan, Chocolate Chinook, Vanguard, Cascade 16
Maybock ** Maibock  7% Pale, Pilsner, Munich, Carastan, Crystal Perle, Vanguard 30
OPA** Oatmeal Pale Ale 5 % Pale, Rolled Oats, Crystal Amarillo 27
Bierknuckle Blonde ** Blonde Ale  6% Pale, Pilsner, Munich Czech Saaz 18
Summer Wheat Beer** American Wheat Ale  5.5% Pale, Wheat, Carastan, Rolled Oats Vanguard, Sterling 18
Export Pilsner** Czech Pilsner 5.5% Pale, Pilsner, Munich Czech Saaz 18
Summer  Kölsch ** Kölsch  5.5% Pale, Pilsner, Munich, Crystal Magnum, Amarillo 15
Windfest ** Oktoberfest Lager 6.5% Pilsner, Munich, Carastan Czech Saaz, Vanguard 17
XPA** Fresh Hop Ale  6.5% Pale, Munich, Carastan Amarillo 58

Nitrogen Taps

Please ask your server for current selection of beers on the nitrogen taps.


Designed to provide a refreshing beverage for each season here in the Northwest, the Maritime Pacific Seasonals change almost every month. Please ask your server for current selection.

Jolly Roger Christmas Ale

(on tap till end of July) The most eagerly anticipated of all our seasonals, Jolly is a truly original holiday brew combining rich malt character with a blend of fresh Northwest Chinook and Cascade hops. Official insignia for this English Strong Ale style is a smiling skull-and-cross-bones, reminder to all to enjoy their Jolly, but with discretion. Join Maritime's salute to the high seas renegade! "Yo-Ho-Ho!"

Cask-Conditioned Ales

Our cask beers are drawn out of our fermenters to condition and mature in the keg. The results are unfiltered, naturally carbonated versions of our ales. Please ask for the current choices offered on cask.

Sampler Tray

Five-ounce samples of five of our fine ales. A great way to taste the variety of styles we brew. $9.00 - $11.00

Wines by the Glass

Current Selection Includes the Following:

Domanico Cellars "Le Monstre" — $8.95 Domanico Cellars Vengance Rose — $8.95
Grand Bateau Bordeaux — $8.50 Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel — $8.75
Tamarack Cellers Firehouse Red — $8.95 Warre's Ruby Port — $6.75
Adelsheim Pinot Gris — $8.75 Le Grand Caillou Sauvignon Blanc — $7.99
Hedges Cellar CMS — $7.00 Castle Rock Barrel Aged Chardonnay — $7.00

Bottled Cider

Ace "Joker" $4.50

Non Alcoholic

Beer: Clasthaller Lemonade
Sodas: Coke, Diet Coke, 7-up, Mug root beer, Crush orange soda Iced Tea
Sparkling Water: Perrier

Bottles and Kegs To Go

Growlers- Starting at $12.00 1/4 Bbl (7.5 gal.) Keg — $87.00 + tax
selected 12 oz. Six-pack to go when available 1/2 Bbl (15.5 gal.) Keg — $150.00 + tax


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Note: All beer and wine prices include tax.